Today marks our 50th anniversary.

On 29th June 1973 the company was formed under the name of Trevor Jordan Concrete Ltd. Trevor the founder started his working career as a Civil Engineer and then moved into house building.
In the early seventies he couldn’t get concrete items fast enough for his houses hence he decided to make his own. Other builders at that time asked Trevor if he would make products for them leading him to a supplier role rather than a builder in the industry. The company grew since then and has expanded the volume and range of products.
Trevor is still clocking in at 08:15 every morning (even though he tries to be here for 08:00🤣) and there are now three working generations of Jordan’s in the company.
We would like to thank all our loyal customers, some of which we are still dealing with for the past 50 years and the future trade yet to come.
We look forward to seeing the next 50 years.😃








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